Your favorite Kosher restaurants, delivered right to your door.

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New York deserves a better online kosher experience. There's endless options for online food delivery - but none that cater specifically to the kosher market.

We're here to fix that with a platform that puts kosher food right at your doorstep.

Welcome to Kosher2me.

Instant Online Ordering

The second you order food, the restaurant gets multiple notifications on your order to ensure your delivery will be on it's way as soon as possible.

Hundreds of Menus

With years of experience in the restaurant business, we have connections throughout the industry and are adding new restaurants to our database every single day.

Discounts & Deals

By ordering through Kosher2me, it's even easier for you to get access to specials, sales, and discounts. Sign up for notifications from your favorite restaurant or try something new and get notified any time a restaurant puts up offers.

Coming to New York in January 2017.